The benefits of L-Glutamine

Glutamine plays a crucial role in protein metabolism, anti-catabolism and cell volumising. Glutamine will also increase your body’s ability to secrete the natural hormone called Growth Hormone. Growth Hormone will help metabolise body fat and it supports new muscle growth. Since glutamine has anti-catabolism properties, it will prevent the breakdown of your muscles.

Glutamine is especially useful to people who are looking to cut down. We all want to have the perfect beach body for the summer months and glutamine will help you to lose weight without losing any muscle. Glutamine is also needed inside your body so it can perform at its optimal level. Your small intestine needs the most glutamine in your body but glutamine is also important for your immune system. Your glutamine levels will deplete during a workout which is why you need to take a supplement. If supplements aren’t taken, you can become susceptible to illnesses. L-Glutamine is not only important for muscle growth but also for its maintenance effects on your body.

The Benefits of L-Glutamine!

If you aren’t taking L-Glutamine supplements, it may be the time to start. Glutamine creates carbon and nitrogen and it also helps to restore glycogen levels which restores your energy. Glutamine is probably the most important component of muscle protein and it helps to repair as well as build muscle. Here are some of its benefits:

  • Research has found that glutamine and protein synthesis go hand in hand. It will prevent your muscles from breaking down and sending glutamine to other cells in the body.
  • Glutamine will help to maintain cell hydration and volume and it will help wounds heal quicker.
  • Glutamine will replenish the declining glutamine levels during a workout.
  • Glutamine can boost your secretion of Growth Hormone by 400%
  • Glutamine can also boost your immune system. This is especially beneficial to body builders because their glutamine levels deplete quite a bit during intense workouts. Glutamine is where your immune system gets most of its energy from.
  • Glutamine is also a very important nutrient for your intestines and it can maintain the structural integrity of your bowels.
  • Another amazing benefit of glutamine is that it can repair ulcers. Studies have shown that if someone takes 1.6 grams of glutamine per day, they will experience a 92% cure rate in one month.

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